Ukraine set a trap for Russian tanks and armored vehicles at Chasov Yar stronghold

Ukraine set a trap for Russian tanks and armored vehicles at Chasov Yar stronghold 0

(Dan Tri) – Western experts say that Ukraine is creating a trap with Russian armored forces in Chasov Yar, a strategic area in Donbass.

Russian armor caught fire due to Ukrainian fire (Photo: Forbes).

Eight weeks after capturing Avdiivka, Russian forces set their sights on another target to the east: the town of Chasov Yar.

When Ukraine withdrew from Avdiivka, they quickly sought defense to avoid further collapse of the front line.

`That could have catastrophic consequences, as it would provide a direct route for the Russian military to advance towards key cities,` Ukrainian analysis group Frontelligence Insight explained.

That’s why Russian advances on the eastern edge of town in recent weeks have Ukrainians and their allies so worried.

The trap created a bottleneck for Russian forces deploying from their forward base at Ivanivske.

That choke point is a small bridge on the T-0504 road that connects west out of Ivanivske and through a forest into the southern districts of Chasov Yar.

If Russian troops can cross the bridge, they can move through the forest toward Chasov Yar, providing Moscow with effective camouflage against Ukrainian UAVs and artillery.

Ukraine set a trap for Russian tanks and armored vehicles at Chasov Yar stronghold

Location of the bridge on the map.

Therefore, Ukraine is trying to concentrate enough firepower on the bridge, so that it can block Russian attacks on southern Chasov Yar before Moscow’s convoy breaks into the forest.

Until now, Ukraine is still gaining an advantage in controlling the situation at the bridge.

Frontelligence predicted that Russia would cross this bridge.

However, it is not clear that the Ukrainian brigades always have all the resources they need in the context that they are running out of artillery ammunition and Russia is still increasing its bombing of Kiev positions.

According to sources from the battlefield, the lack of serious firepower has made it difficult for Ukraine to stop the advance of the Russian convoy.

In addition, Ukraine also tried to collapse the bridge and cut off the route to the south into Chasov Yar to prevent Russia from advancing further.

Earlier this month, some Ukrainian soldiers planted explosives on a remote-controlled unmanned ground vehicle to drive it to the bridge.

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