Russia responded to Ukraine’s `ultimatum`, rejecting the peace conference

Russia responded to Ukraine's `ultimatum`, rejecting the peace conference 0

(Dan Tri) – Russia believes that Ukraine’s ultimatum cannot be considered a basis for peace negotiations.

Ukrainian soldiers prepare artillery shells (Photo: Reuters).

Tass news agency quoted a statement from the Russian Embassy in Bern on April 10 saying that the conference hosted by Switzerland on Ukraine, scheduled to take place in Burgenstock in June, will be useless without the participation of

`The conference in Burgenstock, without Russia’s presence, would have led to another round of fruitless discussions and could not have yielded any concrete results,` the Russian embassy said.

`By organizing an event that clearly has no prospect of a real settlement of the conflict, the (Swiss) government once again proves that it is ready to consider only Ukraine’s point of view,` the embassy said.

The Russian diplomatic agency confirmed that Switzerland did not invite Russia to attend the conference.

`Our position has been clearly stated. The idea of a ‘peace conference’, which has been strongly praised by the organizers, is unacceptable to us, as this is only one option.

The Russian Embassy emphasized that `ultimatums cannot be used as a basis for starting negotiations.`

The Russian Embassy also mentioned Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s assessment of the peace conference organized by Switzerland, saying that Switzerland organized the conference with the sole goal of `ensuring a sufficient number of delegates.`

The Russian diplomatic service said that thisĀ formula `completely ignores well-intentioned initiatives launched by China, South Africa, Brazil and the Arab League`.

Switzerland on April 10 confirmed that it will host a global peace summit on the Russia-Ukraine war in June at the Burgenstock resort in Nidwalden state.

Participating countries are expected to discuss Ukraine’s 10-point peace formula and agree on a common document on what needs to be done to end the fighting.

Kiev’s peace plan calls for Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory, as well as establish a court to prosecute top Russian officials for waging the war.

Russia affirmed its readiness to negotiate with Kiev.

In addition, Ms. Zakharova emphasized that Switzerland – a country participating in Western sanctions against Moscow – can hardly serve as a foundation for peacekeeping efforts.

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