Ukraine may lose an important stronghold before receiving Western weapons

Ukraine may lose an important stronghold before receiving Western weapons 0

(Dan Tri) – Ukraine may have to give up some important strongholds before receiving an aid package of nearly 61 billion USD from the US.

Ukraine may suffer a few more defeats before receiving more weapons from the US and its Western allies (Photo: Getty).

Russian forces have made significant advances after taking control of the stronghold of Avdiivka in February and are continuing their assault on the town of Chasiv Yar, a settlement about 65km to the north.

The US House of Representatives’ approval of a nearly $61 billion aid package last weekend can be considered a morale booster for the Ukrainian army after that series of failures.

However, in the context of Kiev facing an opponent with a 10-fold advantage in artillery firepower, Washington will have to act more urgently.

Ukrainian veteran Viktor Kovalenko, an analyst, said: `This aid will certainly help the Ukrainians, but unfortunately it is not decisive whether Ukraine wins, or

`Despite being equipped with a $61 billion US aid package, Ukraine still lacks many prerequisites to gain the upper hand in a war, including human resource training and combat motivation,` Mr. Kovalenko argued.

This expert added: `If it does not mobilize and train more soldiers and actively fight to regain its territory, Kiev faces the risk of wasting this US aid for air defense and attack activities.

Politico quoted US officials as saying it was likely that the US had soon prepared a plan to speed up the aid package delivery process.

According to the Financial Times, some US aid goods, including weapons and ammunition, have been packaged in warehouses in Poland as well as some other places in Europe and are ready for transportation.

Mr. Bill Keating, Democratic Congressman of Massachusetts, said at a press conference in Kiev on April 22: `The first round of US military aid will be delivered sooner than people think.`

However, former Australian Army Major General Mick Ryan also noted: `All US aid will take time to deploy and cannot be transferred in one go.`

In another development, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on April 22 that the country’s military had taken control of the village of Novomykhailivka, an area between Marinka and Vuhledar, but Ukraine affirmed that it still controlled part of it.

The US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW)  said on the same day that Moscow forces had recently entered the administrative border area between the two provinces of Donetsk – Zaporizhia.

Mr. Kovalenko commented that Russia is focusing on expanding its control in the Eastern region of Ukraine and this strategy is showing effectiveness.

Zev Faintuch, senior intelligence analyst at security company Global Guardian, said that while Kiev waits for aid to arrive, the Avdiivka front can be considered the most vulnerable place.

`In the coming weeks, Ukraine will probably have to retreat to areas with better defense capabilities. They will probably take advantage of the natural advantages of the Vovcha River and large reservoirs,` Mr. Faintuch argued.

However, Mr. Faintuch also predicted that the US aid flow could reach Ukraine in time.

`Ukraine will try to continue to isolate the Crimean peninsula, and attack Russia’s industrial and oil infrastructure as well as supply depots. Moscow will continue to win more Donbass,` this expert predicted.

Ukraine and allied countries hope that Washington’s relief package can help Kiev somewhat narrow the gap, especially when Moscow’s air strikes have caused some of the country’s air defense units to run out of missiles.

Also on April 22, the US delegation including many lawmakers from both parties met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

`Artillery shells will strengthen the front line, and air defense systems and ammunition will slow down the infrastructure destruction campaign that Moscow is conducting. Kiev will still need more budget to continue carrying out offensive operations.

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