Russia spoke out about its plan to evacuate the Venezuelan president amid the crisis

Russia spoke out about its plan to evacuate the Venezuelan president amid the crisis 0

(Dan Tri) – The spokesman of the Russian president has officially spoken out about the call to evacuate current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro while the South American country is facing a widespread crisis.

President Nicolas Maduro (Photo: Reuters)

According to TASS news agency, Mr. Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Russian president, today received a reporter’s question about the Kremlin’s position regarding the proposal of some countries that Russia should guarantee immunity.

“This issue has not been raised and has not been discussed,” Mr. Peskov said, confirming that Mr. Maduro’s evacuation plan is not on Russia’s agenda.

According to Mr. Peskov, Russia and the United States have not yet discussed how to resolve the crisis in Venezuela and there has not been any communication on this issue.

“In our communications with foreign partners, we emphasize that any external intervention (in Venezuela) is unacceptable and any military intervention by foreign countries is unacceptable.

Russia is one of a few countries, including Belarus, Bolivia, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Türkiye, that have voiced support for President Maduro’s government.

Bloomberg news agency yesterday quoted sources close to the Kremlin as saying, `Russia is beginning to show signs of doubt about Mr. Maduro’s ability to overcome challenges from the opposition.`

Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Carlos Faria Tortosa said yesterday that Venezuela is facing the threat of possible military intervention from the US, but Washington’s plan will fail.

“We are facing a looming threat of military intervention.

Meanwhile, President Maduro today announced a plan to collect 10 million signatures to protest US intervention in Venezuela’s internal affairs.

“I thank everyone who came to Bolivar Square in Venezuela to sign the petition and protest against US imperialist intervention in the internal affairs of our country.

President Maduro on February 6 rejected Europe’s ultimatum to organize early `free and democratic` presidential elections in Venezuela.


According to TASS

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