Russia revealed for the first time the peace agreement it almost reached with Ukraine

Russia revealed for the first time the peace agreement it almost reached with Ukraine 0

(Dan Tri) – Moscow said Russia and Ukraine almost reached an agreement to end the conflict by 2022, but Kiev canceled the agreement at the last minute.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (Photo: TASS).

In an interview with domestic media on April 19, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed for the first time details of some provisions in the peace draft that Russia and Ukraine almost reached at the round of negotiations in Istanbul, Turkey.

One of those provisions is that, if Ukraine complies with the Istanbul agreement, Russia will agree to let the West apply Article 5 on collective defense of the NATO Charter to Ukraine.

However, this provision will not apply to Donbass (Eastern Ukraine) and the Crimea peninsula.

Article 5 of the NATO Charter clearly states that any attack or threat against one of NATO’s members will be considered as directed against the entire alliance and allows them to take collective defense measures.

Ukraine has long pursued the goal of joining the US-led military alliance, but so far has not been able to realize the goal.

Foreign Minister Lavrov further revealed that another clause in the agreement stipulates that there will be no foreign military bases or exercises with the participation of third countries in Ukraine, `unless with the consent of

However, at the last minute, Kiev decided to make `minor` modifications to the section dedicated to military exercises with foreign participation.

Russian officials have repeatedly said that Russia and Ukraine almost reached a peace agreement at the round of negotiations in Istanbul, Türkiye in March 2022 before Kiev suddenly canceled the agreement and withdrew from negotiations.

Moscow believes that the West pressured Ukraine to cancel the agreement and decide to continue the conflict with the goal of causing Russia to suffer a strategic defeat on the battlefield.

Last month, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published what it said were details of a draft 2022 agreement between Russia and Ukraine.

The 17-page document has a provision allowing Ukraine to join the European Union (EU), but cannot become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The draft agreement also requires Ukraine to limit the size of its army and confirm that Crimea is part of Russia.

Both Russia and Ukraine refused to confirm or deny the above information.

In an interview yesterday, Foreign Minister Lavrov once again emphasized that Russia wants dialogue rather than conflict and that Moscow is always open to negotiations with Kiev.

On the other hand, he stated, Russia has no intention of ceasefire in Ukraine even if the two countries begin peace talks.

He also said that Russia does not accept conflict resolution on the basis of the `peace formula` proposed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which includes the provision that Moscow must surrender, withdraw all troops from Ukraine, and restore the

Regarding the Ukraine peace summit scheduled to take place in Switzerland next June, Mr. Lavrov said that Russia considers Switzerland not a suitable location to hold the conference because the country is not neutral.

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