Survival blockbuster competes with `Squid Game` causing a global fever

Survival blockbuster competes with `Squid Game` causing a global fever 2

(Dan Tri) – `The 8 show` is a new Korean television project focusing on the theme of survival, expected to create a strong fever like `Squid Game` ago.

Launched in May, The 8 show quickly created a fever across platforms in Vietnam.

After 4 days of release, the film officially surpassed famous blockbuster series such as The Demon Slayer and Bridgerton 3 to climb to the top position in the list of most watched TV shows of the day in Vietnam.

The survival movie `The 8 show` is causing a fever on the Netflix platform (Photo: Netflix).

Before its debut, The 8 show received great attention from Vietnamese audiences and was compared to the survival blockbuster Squid Game.

The 8 show is directed and written by Han Jae Rim, based on the webcomic called Money Game by author Bae Jin Soo.

The audience enters the story of The 8 Show with a young man burdened with a huge debt.

Eight people with uncertain fates include First Floor (Bae Sung Woo), Second Floor (Lee Joo Young), Third Floor (Ryu Jun Yeol), Fourth Floor (Lee Yul Eum), Fifth Floor (Moon Jeong Hee),

According to audience reviews, The 8 show is somewhat superior to Squid Game.

Survival blockbuster competes with `Squid Game` causing a global fever

`The 8 show` marks the return of actor Ryu Jun Yeol (left) (Photo: Netflix).

In a survival competition, 8 people fight for control of the game.

In addition to actor Ryu Jun Yeol’s impressive and natural acting, Chun Woo Hee’s performance also quickly became a hot topic on social networking platforms.

The Korean beauty’s irreverent conversation, impressive fashion sense, and `acting like she’s not acting` role made audiences who love Korean cinema `nod` in approval.

Life’s messages such as human selfishness, greed, and the lure of money are all subtly installed in each story of the film.

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