War in Ukraine January 24: Kiev quickly patched up a large debris field in Avdiivka

War in Ukraine January 24: Kiev quickly patched up a large debris field in Avdiivka 0

(Dan Tri) – Ukraine’s vital task is to regain the central command post, otherwise the entire defensive flank south of Avdiivka will collapse.

The war in Ukraine continues to be exciting as Russia attacks on almost all fronts (Illustration: Skynews).

Ukraine urgently patched the large hole south of Avdiivka

According to MChronicles channel, in the southern region, after successfully breaking the main and most solid defense line in modern history of the enemy, Russian forces advanced north along the M04 highway and railway,

Now, Ukraine is forced to retreat to a rear defense line that is poorly equipped and could collapse at any time.

The newly occupied area allows Russia to have a springboard to increase operations throughout the southern region.

If Ukraine wants to strengthen its defense line here, it must withdraw troops from other areas, weakening those places, creating an opportunity for Moscow forces to seize the opportunity to step up attacks, such as from the Donetsk filtering station, along

In addition, Ukraine can take forces from other fronts to strengthen, however, Russia is exerting strong pressure across the more than 1,000km long front line, making the withdrawal of forces easy to leave a gap for Russia to exploit.

If Ukraine decides to retreat into the city center, the fighting will certainly quickly spread to urban areas, as was the case with Bakhmut.

War in Ukraine January 24: Kiev quickly patched up a large debris field in Avdiivka

Map of Ukrainian war in southern Acdiivka as of January 23.

SGS channel reported that in the Avdiivka area, extremely fierce fighting is taking place in the Tsarskaya Okhota area, Russian forces have been fighting continuously for the second day, Ukraine is launching reserve forces to counterattack to attack.

Accordingly, Ukraine’s vital task is to regain the central command area, otherwise the entire defense flank will collapse.

By throwing reserve forces into battle, including withdrawing from the northern flank to support, Ukraine is said to be willing to sacrifice anything to regain control of the south, from which we can conclude

Russia opens a completely new front in Kharkov?

Military Summary channel reported that, according to some unconfirmed reports from the field, Russia has begun creating a buffer zone in the Kharkov area.

War in Ukraine January 24: Kiev quickly patched up a large debris field in Avdiivka

Russia is said to have taken control of a village close to the border with Ukraine in the Kharkiv region on January 23 (Photo: Telegram).

RVvoenkory channel reported that, on the Kupyanko – Svatovsky direction, the Western group of forces, led by Russia’s 1st Guards Tank Corps, after completely controlling Khramalnoye, advanced towards Tabaevka and Berestovoe, penetrating 2km deep.

Ukrainian media channels admitted `Russia has advanced. Fierce fighting is taking place in all settlements in this direction. Russian troops have developed over an area 2.2km wide to a depth of 650m`.

`From Khramalnoye, Moscow forces divided into several small groups and are moving towards Peschany,` a Ukrainian source said.

The Bakhmut and Zaporizhia fronts are still hot

According to SGS channel, in Bakhmut (also known as Artemovsk), fighting continues in the village of Bogdanovka, Russian forces are attacking the enemy from the village of Khromovo, they are also advancing to important heights located in the west.

Meanwhile, in the direction of Zaporizhia, in the Orekhov area, Russian troops attacked the enemy west of the settlement of Rabotino, dislodging Kiev forces from the positions they occupied during the counteroffensive campaign in the summer.

Ukraine’s General Staff: Russia launched massive air strikes

Ukrainska Pravda reported that the General Staff of Ukraine on the evening of January 23 said that during the day Russia carried out 81 air strikes and tried to attack the left bank of the Dnieper River.

The report reads: `In the past 24 hours, Ukrainian air force aircraft attacked 10 enemy personnel and weapons concentration areas, 2 anti-aircraft missile systems and 1 control point. Units

The Ukrainian General Staff confirmed that it had repelled most of the Russian attacks in Kupyansk, Liman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Marinka and Zaporizhia.

Russia announced that the missile attack hit all targets

Reuters reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on January 23 that the country’s armed forces conducted missile attacks on a series of Ukrainian military production facilities and successfully hit all targets.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the attacks were carried out using air-to-ground and surface-to-surface missiles targeting enterprises that produce rockets, explosives and ammunition.

Meanwhile, Ukrainska Pravda reported that the General Staff of Ukraine announced that the Russian military launched 41 missiles into Ukraine on the night of January 22 and early morning of January 23, of which 21 were hit by Ukrainian air defense forces.

Specifically, Russia launched 4 S-300/400 missiles from Belgorod province into Kharkov.

Ukraine announced that it had shot down 5 Iskander ballistic missiles, 1 Kh-59 missile and all 15/15 Russian Kh-101/555/55 cruise missiles.

Russian Kh-101 cruise missile releases heat trap decoys before attacking the target in Kiev on January 23 (Source: Telegram).

At the Ramstein-18 conference, partners committed to providing long-range weapons to Kiev

European Pravda reported that at the 18th meeting of the Contact Group on the Defense of Ukraine (Ramstein format) on January 23, Kiev’s allies guaranteed more military support, including weapons.

According to Ukrainian Defense Ministry official Illarion Pavlyuk, the Ukrainian side in Ramstein received `enough important statements and commitments from partners, demonstrating strong support for Ukraine that will continue in the future.`

He made it clear that Ukraine will receive from its partners the necessary weapons, including long-range ones, to effectively defeat the enemy both on the front lines and in the rear.

Canada provides new military assistance package to Kiev

European Pravda reported that at Ramstein-18, Canadian Defense Minister Bill Blair announced a new military support package for Kiev and the participation of Canadian instructors in training Ukrainian pilots on fighter aircraft.

The military aid package worth about $15 million includes 10 rigid-hull inflatable boats from Zodiac Hurricane Technologies.

At the same time, from February, Canada, as part of the F-16 alliance, will provide civilian instructors, aircraft and support personnel to help train Ukrainian pilots along with Denmark and France.

Germany delivered military helicopters to Ukraine for the first time

Kyiv Independent reported that German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced on January 23 that Berkin would transfer the decommissioned Sea King MK41 multi-purpose military helicopter to Ukraine.

Ukraine will receive 6 Sea King Mk41 multi-purpose helicopters and a set of spare parts.

Germany has continuously supported Ukraine with weapons and equipment since Russia began its special military operation.

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