Thu Quynh: `Single mothers at the age of 40 can also dream of romance`

Thu Quynh: `Single mothers at the age of 40 can also dream of romance` 3

(Dan Tri) – Thu Quynh shares that she is a difficult person to love and to please, but she still waits for the `prince` of her life to appear.

Thu Quynh was born in 1988 in Hanoi, her family has an artistic tradition.

After graduating from Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema, Thu Quynh worked at the Youth Theater.

Thu Quynh left a strong mark in the hearts of the audience through many roles in television dramas: My Wolf of Quynh Doll, Hue in Come Home, Baby (in 2019, Thu Quynh won the Outstanding Actress award at the Federation of International Film Festivals).

Thu Quynh’s appearance in the new movie (Photo: VTV).

Sharing with Dan Tri reporter about her new role, Thu Quynh said, in The War Without Borders, she plays Lang Phuong – a person who studied nursing in the lowlands to serve the village.

`In the movie, Phuong’s father died and was convicted of drug trafficking. The character Phuong follows the journey to find the cause of his father’s death.

When filming scenes in the movie, my crew and I always try our best to bring fast-paced, dramatic, attractive footage… to the audience.

Talking about filming in Moc Chau, Son La, Thu Quynh said that the movie was filmed in the rainy season so the whole crew faced many difficulties such as moving machinery and personnel to the highlands.

She said: `If I hadn’t been there, it would be hard to imagine that making a movie would be so tiring. During the first two or three weeks, the crew could only film a few segments each day. There were even days when we even brought the camera out to film, but

When I went deep into the villages, I was quite surprised about the current life of the people here.

Thu Quynh: `Single mothers at the age of 40 can also dream of romance`

Thu Quynh and Viet Anh in the movie `The War Without Borders` (Photo: VTV).

The actress born in 1988 further shared that when filming with Viet Anh and Ha Viet Dung, she felt familiar and not pressured because she had worked with her colleagues many times.

`There were days when we stopped filming because it rained a lot, so we sat and talked to each other more closely because our phones had no signal, no 3G or 4G to access the network. Mr. Viet Anh or Ha Viet Dung were also very comfortable and easy.

The actress added that when performing far away and for long periods of time, her parents supported her a lot in taking care of her son.

When asked about love, Thu Quynh said that she is currently single but always believes in the word `fate` in love.

`If I meet someone suitable, I think I will still love, but I will `slow down` to get to know the other person longer. When I love, I am also very difficult. It is difficult to love, difficult to please, but if someone is sincere to me

Thu Quynh: `Single mothers at the age of 40 can also dream of romance`

Thu Quynh still believes in love after a stormy marriage (Photo: Toan Vu).

Thu Quynh said that currently her life is similar to that of a girl in her twenties: Going out to learn, dating and excited when she realizes she has feelings for someone.

`If you think positively, divorce gives women the opportunity to relive their youth again. There will be times when you will find it difficult to be moved and your emotions will dull, but who knows, one day

Who says love at first sight only happens to young people?

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