The Speaker of the US House of Representatives is at risk of losing his position over the Ukraine aid issue

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives is at risk of losing his position over the Ukraine aid issue 0

(Dan Tri) – US House Speaker Mike Johnson is facing the risk of being dismissed by a vote of a group of rebel lawmakers amid disagreement over the aid budget issue for Ukraine.

US House Speaker Mike Johnson (Photo: Reuters).

Nebraska Republican Congressman Don Bacon admitted on March 31 that a vote to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson will likely take place and Mr. Johnson is completely at risk of losing his position.

Nearly 6 months after taking office, Mr. Johnson is facing the same outcome as his predecessor Kevin McCarthy, who lost his job in a shocking vote due to rebellion within the Republican Party.

Late last month, hardline Republican congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a `petition to dismiss` him.

For months, Ms. Greene warned that she would recommend a vote to remove Mr. Johnson if he pushed the House of Representatives to pass a Ukraine support package.

Mr. Johnson was adamant that he would not support an additional aid package worth more than $60 billion if President Joe Biden’s administration did not accept policy reforms to enhance border security.

On March 14, Mr. Johnson said that additional aid bills for Ukraine and Israel would be voted on separately in the next few weeks.

Hard-line Republican lawmakers also believe that Mr. Johnson compromised with Democrats when passing a $1,200 billion budget to help the government escape the risk of shutdown from March 23.

Many Republican lawmakers warn that this party may have to pay the price if they remove the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Congressman Bacon criticized the intention of some parliamentarians to overthrow Mr. Johnson.

Meanwhile, the Democrats signaled their willingness to save Mr. Johnson if Mr. Johnson contributes to passing the aid bill for Ukraine proposed by President Biden’s administration.

On the other hand, observers warn that if Mr. Johnson passes a bill that is narrower than proposed or includes new border restrictions, he could upset both Democrats and Republicans.

Last year, US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy lost his position after a vote by lawmakers in the House of Representatives.

This is the first time in history that the US House of Representatives has removed its leader, prompted by a relatively small group of right-wing Republicans who oppose continued aid to Ukraine.

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