Special details in the Russian missile used to attack Kiev

Special details in the Russian missile used to attack Kiev 0

(Dan Tri) – Ukraine said that the Russian missile used to attack the capital Kiev early on the morning of March 21 contained at least 1,500 foreign lawsuit links.

A building in Kiev burned after a Russian missile attack on the morning of March 21 (Photo: Reuters).

`Every Russian attack shows that world sanctions are not enough. Each Russian missile used to attack our country includes components from many countries. There are at least 53 types of such components in

He added: `Today alone, in just the missiles Russia used to attack Kiev, there were at least 1,500 Russian components imported from abroad. This needs to stop.`

The President of Ukraine said that Moscow had circumvented sanctions and imported these components through many different sources.

At dawn on March 21, Russia launched 31 missiles at Kiev in the largest raid in recent weeks.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced that it had shot down all Russian missiles of many different types, including hypersonic missiles Kinzhal, missiles Kh-101, Kh-555.

Agiya Zagrebelska, head of Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Agency, said Russia spent $390 million on the missile attack on Kiev.

The attack injured at least 17 people, and several apartment buildings and industrial infrastructure were damaged by rocket fragments.

According to the Defense Intelligence Agency of Ukraine (DIU), most of the cruise and ballistic missiles in Russia’s attack on the morning of March 21 appeared to be aimed at the headquarters of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

In August 2023, a report by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), a British defense think tank, detailed Russia’s widespread use of manufactured microelectronic devices.

RUSI discovered at least 450 unique foreign-made components in Russian military systems, the majority of which are produced by American companies.

This can be considered the most detailed assessment to date on the prevalence of Western components used in Russian weapons deployed in Ukraine.

Russia is one of the world’s largest arms exporters, but is heavily dependent on imported components.

According to RUSI, Russia is looking for new channels to access Western microchip supplies in the context of export restrictions, including through distributors in Asia.

RUSI expert, Mr. Jack Watling, said that if the West tightens measures to restrict the export of military components, Russia may find it difficult to find alternative sources of supply to meet the production needs of weapons such as missiles.

Since launching a special military campaign in Ukraine in February, Russia has deployed many types of weapons, including hypersonic missiles.

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