Opera gloves: Trending symbol of status and nobility

Opera gloves: Trending symbol of status and nobility 2

(Dan Tri) – Impressive gloves promoted by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are becoming high-end fashion items.

Opera gloves, a classic accessory once considered mandatory for proper etiquette, are no longer reserved for galas or fancy events.

Many stars now prefer luxurious, elegant outfits combined with opera gloves in many different fabrics to wear on the red carpet or outings.

Opera gloves continue to be a fashion trend in 2023 (Photo: Getty).

Symbol of power

Opera gloves or elbow-length gloves, worn mainly in the evening, have been around since the 15th century. Queen Elizabeth I is said to have been a fan of the accessory.

Since the 17th century, opera gloves have become a fashion staple, created as a means to display a woman’s wealth and status.

During the Victorian era, this style of glove took on the role of protecting women’s hands from the friction of manual labor.

Opera gloves: Trending symbol of status and nobility

No longer confined to opera plays or lavish parties, long gloves have become a key accessory for women today (Photo: Getty).

Powerful rebirth

Opera gloves have appeared all over recent fashion catwalks, helping to add sophistication and elegance to the wearer.

In addition, this is also a overthrow of the arrogance and snobbery associated with the opera gloves of the past.

MM6 Maison Margiela presents their gloves in a variety of colors, creating bold contrasts.

Opera gloves: Trending symbol of status and nobility

From 2022 until now, many brands have launched a series of colorful opera glove designs, becoming the highlight of their outfits (Photo: StyleCaster).

However, opera gloves don’t just make their mark on the runway.

Beyoncé – the female artist who chose the leather version to attend the Grammy Awards – is not the only celebrity wearing elbow-length gloves.

Previously, Princess Kate Middleton wore black velvet opera gloves with an off-the-shoulder Alexander McQueen dress on the 2023 Baftas red carpet.

Meanwhile, model Gigi Hadid proved this style isn’t just for evening, pairing a short-sleeved gray Valentino knit sweater with matching gloves.

Opera gloves: Trending symbol of status and nobility

Gigi Hadid wears a wool dress combined with long gloves of the same material (Photo: GC Images).

Oliva Rodrigo – who wore lavender tulle Versace opera gloves to the 2022 Met Gala – proves that opera gloves are no longer just for shaking hands with dukes, but can also be worn at events, even

Indeed, living in the protagonist’s time, the prospect of wearing gloves up to his biceps and going everywhere like ancient aristocrats is appealing.

Although opera gloves were once only available to those of high social status, they now attract a wider audience.

Opera gloves: Trending symbol of status and nobility

Opera gloves can be combined with any outfit (Photo: Celeb Mafia, @kendalljenner)

Reality TV host Kathryn Eisman said opera gloves are especially popular during and after the global pandemic.

`Gone are the tracksuits and monotonous silhouettes that dominated fashion over the past few years. Prints, bold colors, opera gloves, wild tights and shin socks are the party of the new age

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