Controversy `heated` when Korea considered banning eating dog meat

Controversy `heated` when Korea considered banning eating dog meat 0

(Dan Tri) – South Korea will establish a working group to consider banning eating dog meat, after President Moon Jae-in said that this tradition needs to end.

Dog meat is a traditional dish in Korea, but today many people are no longer interested in this dish (Photo: AP).

AP reported that the South Korean government said on November 25 that it would set up a working group to consider making eating dog meat illegal after President Moon Jae-in said that this tradition had come to an end.

Currently, restaurants serving dog meat are gradually becoming rare in Korea as many young people are no longer interested in this dish and they consider dogs and cats as pets rather than food.

In a statement, seven government agencies, including the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, said they decided to create a working group consisting of officials, civilian experts and individuals from relevant organizations to

`While the number of households with pets is growing rapidly, and public concern for animal rights is also increasing, there are increasingly growing views that it is difficult to consider eating dog meat as culinary.

The announcement notes that this initiative does not mean that eating dog meat will be banned in the near future.

Fierce debate

The announcement caused controversy in Korean public opinion when people who raised dogs for food said that the government’s move was to formalize the closure of dog meat farms and restaurants.

Ju Yeongbong, general secretary of the Dog Breeders Association, accused the government of violating people’s right to eat what they want and dog owners’ right to live.

Lee Won Bok, head of the Korean Animal Protection Association, called the government’s announcement `disappointing` because it did not include any specific plans to ban eating dog meat.

`We are deeply concerned about whether the government has any solution to end dog meat consumption,` Mr. Lee said.

About 1-1.5 million dogs are killed for meat each year in South Korea, down from a few million 10-20 years ago.

Mr. Ju said that dog farmers – most of whom are low-income and elderly –  want the government to temporarily legalize dog meat consumption for about 20 years, with the expectation that demand will gradually decrease because of gender.

`South Korea is the only developed country where people eat dog meat, a move that could hurt our international image,` Mr. Lee said.

Mr. Lee accused some owners of barbaric and illegal behavior when raising and killing dogs.

In September, President Moon Jae-in, a dog owner, said it was time to carefully consider banning dog meat.

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