C. Ronaldo wants to leave Man Utd: Don’t let the pain last longer!

C. Ronaldo wants to leave Man Utd: Don't let the pain last longer! 1

(Dan Tri) – The reunion between C. Ronaldo and Man Utd did not go as expected.

A few days ago, Man Utd’s Instagram page posted a post welcoming the players back to training.

C.Ronaldo’s ambition is not consistent with his teammates (photo: Getty).

`Where is CR7?`

The Portuguese striker used `family reasons` to ask for permission to be absent.

Is C. Ronaldo’s heart no longer for Man Utd?

C.Ronaldo returned to Man Utd with infinite pride.

During the past season, C.Ronaldo looked like someone lost in his great ambition.

C. Ronaldo wants to leave Man Utd: Don't let the pain last longer!

Man Utd’s failure to participate in the Champions League is the reason why C.Ronaldo wants to leave (photo: Getty).

C. Ronaldo himself could not control his emotions and did not hesitate to criticize his teammates in the newspaper: `I think that to build good things, you need to destroy some things. At the age of 18,

More than once, C. Ronaldo’s anger broke out on the field, typically when he kicked Curtis Jones in the net in the match against Liverpool.

During his second return to Man Utd, C.Ronaldo’s ambition remained the same.

Man Utd’s inability to win tickets to the Champions League is the peak of disappointment.

And when C. Ronaldo opened his mouth, it was time for Man Utd to let go.

Man Utd wants to carry out a comprehensive revolution with coach Teg Hag.

C. Ronaldo wants to leave Man Utd: Don't let the pain last longer!

C.Ronaldo does not fit with coach Ten Hag’s philosophy (Photo: Getty).

Obviously, letting C.Ronaldo and moving towards team play is what Man Utd needs to aim for.

CR7 is of course not strong in pressing.

Journalist Dave Kidd once shared: `C. Ronaldo is out of time. He cannot help any team win the Champions League. After coming to Man Utd, he could not improve the team’s playing style.`

C. Ronaldo’s ambition is something to be welcomed, but sometimes it becomes an obstacle for the club.

Now, Man Utd and C. Ronaldo are no longer for each other.

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