A talented cast of `family members` from veteran Vietnamese artists

A talented cast of `family members` from veteran Vietnamese artists 8

(Dan Tri) – The son and daughter of the late People’s Artist Hoang Dung, comedian Van Dung and People’s Artist Tran Nhuong all impressed the audience with their acting skills.

Following the already familiar veteran cast of Vietnamese television dramas, young faces – the generation of `progeny` actors – appearing on VTV recently have won many compliments from the audience.

Son of artist Van Dung

One of the roles that left an impression in the primetime drama `The War Without Borders` is the character of a rich young man played by the son of comedian Van Dung.

In the film, Nguyen Long Vu (born 2001) transforms into Cuong, a demanding, disobedient boy who always relies on his family background to bully weaker people.

Thanks to his natural and charming acting, he surprised the audience by successfully recreating the custom of `wife stealing` that still exists in many remote areas.

He shared with Dan Tri reporter: `The only real-life material I put into this character is my youthful energy and enthusiasm. I also added hyperactivity, wit and innocence because I am more or less

To create the remaining parts of Cuong’s character, I had to rely on movies and observation, learning from all the villagers up here.`

In addition, Long Vu also plays a small role in Don’t be afraid to marry for just one reason, which is being shown concurrently on VTV3.

Artist Van Dung is proud that his son has grown up (Photo: Character Facebook).

Son of the late People’s Artist Hoang Dung

In addition to Long Vu, the son of the late People’s Artist Hoang Dung also appeared in the movie War Without Borders.

The character he plays in the film is a navy soldier, with a gentle, calm personality and often standing in the middle of his best friend’s conflicts.

Trieu Duong revealed that this character is similar to him in real life in his cheerful and sociable personality.

Because the special forces and combat soldiers of the real navy have very strong physical strength, when filming with them, it took time for the actors in the movie to be able to keep up with them.

He frankly shared: `I really don’t have much pressure when my father is a veteran artist. I am filled with more pride than pressure. That is also an advantage compared to many other people, so

A talented cast of `family members` from veteran Vietnamese artists

Trieu Duong took a photo with his father (Photo: Facebook character).

Daughter of People’s Artist Tran Nhuong

Jenna Anh Phuong (real name Tran Hoang Anh Phuong, born 1996) is known as the daughter of People’s Artist Tran Nhuong and the half-sister of director and actor Tran Binh Trong.

She once encountered television dramas through the 16-year-old character Duong in the movie Are You a Man?

Besides, she also participated in many game shows such as Mysterious Singer, Perfect Confession, True Love or participated in Miss Tourism Vietnam Global.

Having a father who is the head of the CAND art troupe, the actress was soon exposed to art.

However, Anh Phuong revealed: `With the title `daughter of People’s Artist Tran Nhuong`, I did not find it easy at all when entering the art field.

That is the most difficult thing that I want to remove because I am trying very hard, starting from the smallest thing, not asking for help from my father, struggling to find a solution with my friends who are also in the process.

A talented cast of `family members` from veteran Vietnamese artists

People’s Artist Tran Nhuong posed with his daughter, Anh Phuong (Photo: Character Facebook).

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